Using Quizzes to Increase Email Subscriptions

When Interact approached me back in August, I was a bit surprised!  They were interested in me using their quiz software for free and in exchange I would track the stats and see how well it converted to email subscribers as an opt-in on my website and then write a post about it.  

All I had to do on my part was set up the quiz, put it up on my website, and start directing traffic towards the quiz.  Then, watch and see what happened and write a review (you’re reading that now!) on the whole process and how it worked for me.

So, why quizzes? Why do they really work and why are they the new fad in online marketing?

Using Quizzes to Email Subscriptions!

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Why Do Quizzes Work?

The results are in, and we are all pretty aware that the buzzword on the online streets is quiz.  But, why? Does everyone even like taking quizzes?

The short answer to that question is yes.  We all LOVE to take quizzes. If Buzzfeed and Facebook have taught us anything, we love to answer questions that tell us something about ourselves, even if it’s something that we just end up laughing about.  We see quizzes on our newsfeed each day like ‘What Hogwarts House Are You’ or ‘Who Is Your Soulmate’ and we see what our friends responses are and we feel nearly COMPELLED to jump in and check our own results.


Well, for starters, we like giving our own opinions on things.  Getting to choose which color speaks to us or what our favorite date night idea is gives us a sense of pleasure.  

Another big reason is that it is a natural way of doing things.  It’s like the whole ‘getting to know you’ process, only online and with lots of time for us to answer the questions that are thrown our way.  People get to come over to your site and find out something about your business in a much more heartwarming way than, perhaps, a sales page can do.  It warms them up and then they go into your funnel by way of your email list and there they get to know you on an even more personal level on a regular basis.  With a quiz, you are asking them about THEMSELVES, and we all know how it is human nature to want to talk about ourselves, right?

People love this.  They want to do more of this.  You’ve just provided an extremely easy way for them to do this, and enjoy it, and they are much more likely to do it under these circumstances.

The bottom line – people WANT to share their opinion.

Some other reasons that quizzes work really well are that participation, not winning, is they key here and quizzes give you a very personalized result.  

There are people who need to win all the time and others who may just not be good at playing games and when you put a quiz in front of them, any answer they choose is the right one because it is solely based on their own opinion!  This engenders a feeling of warmth and happiness, because who doesn’t like to feel like they’re winning? The more questions they answer, the more they start feeling anticipation for that end result and they begin to get more excited about finding out how it all ends.

Getting personalized results is really where it’s at.  Who wants to be put into a box with everyone else? Finding out that you are a specific type of person at the end of that quiz is exciting for people.  We love customization – how do you think Harvey’s became so famous for burgers that their customers could, essentially, dress themselves?

Why Use Quizzes for Your Business

I just spent a few minutes educating you on why the consumer will like quizzes and how to gear them to convert well based on human nature, but what about you?  Did I like using the quiz and did I find it worked well?

As I said, I was approached in August by Interact and asked to test out a quiz.  A couple weeks ago I spoke with Jessmyn from Interact. She was extremely helpful and easy to talk with and answered any questions that I might have.  She showed me the whole Interact quiz system, how it worked, including examples of other quizzes that had been made using their system.

At the end of that conversation, I knew exactly what kind of quiz I would make and how I would attract people to take it.  I was very excited to try it out and see how it worked for me!

Setting Up a Quiz on Your Website

Having someone walk you through each step of the set-up process and beyond was great, but I would definitely say that Interact has built their system in a way that is easy to use and build for your site.  There are customizations so you can use your own brand colors and fonts, including your logo. One thing that will make life a lot easier for you is to integrate it with whatever your email marketing platform is to save yourself some extra work inputting emails later.

You can choose one of three different types of quizzes: Assessment, Personality, or Scored.  This will depend on your target audience and maybe even your own style. I chose Personality for mine because I thought that fit the best with who I wanted to attract to take it.  The great thing is, each type of quiz has templates that you can choose from if you want to go that route, or you can do it all yourself too. Either way, the choice is yours (see what I did there?)!  

When you go with the template option, like I did, there are already pre-loaded questions, images, and answers.  If there is already an option that is similar to what you were thinking of doing this will save you lots of time and require very little customization on your part.

What I found easiest to do was create the quiz because there were many templates to use. There are templates for all types of business!

The great thing about this is, even if you decide to use a pre-loaded template, you can click on each question to edit it if you want to change the questions.  You can also upload your own photos and images to go with specific questions or answers which is really helpful if you already have some images that relate perfectly to you or your brand.  When you use the images this way for the results, you can even link over to another page on your website that relates to that result to give them more information on how you can help them with that specific result.

As I said before, a huge time saver and less headaches for you will be to link this up to your email management system.  I personally use Active Campaign and found this process to be fairly smooth and easy to do. This means that when someone fills out your quiz and inputs their email address to get a result, they automatically go into your email list and, hopefully, your welcome or nurture sequence that is already set up on that end of things.

Once you’re all done with that, you can hit ‘preview’ to see what your quiz looks like and once you’re happy with it just click ‘publish’ and go through the steps they give you to embed it into your website.

Are you a WordPress user? There is, of course, a handy plugin that is a simple download and then easy to add the quiz wherever you want on your site.  You can also utilize social media to share your quiz directly!

How Did It Work For Me?

When you use Interact, you will get to have access to a great little thing called ‘Analytics’.  If you’re a person who likes to see results in numbers and chart format, this is DEFINITELY for you.  You can see who has viewed your quiz, who has started or completed it and even, the most exciting part, who went into your email list as a result of the quiz.  It also has a spot for social statistics and the percentage of conversions as a result of the quiz being on your website.

As you can see from the image above, based on my own analytics, or numbers, my conversion rate was extremely good for the number of people who viewed it all the way down to the number of people who opted in!

I had 31 people view my quiz and 25 of those people went ahead and started the quiz.  This could mean they did half the quiz or they did the whole quiz but didn’t enter their email for a result.  However, only 5 of those people didn’t complete it so that number really wasn’t too worrisome for me. In the end, 17 of those initial 31 people opted in through the quiz which put me at a VERY comfortable 64.5% conversion rate!

Now that these people are in my email list, they will get nurtured and talked to each week when I send out an email to my list.  They first get into a welcome sequence for several days that walks them through who I am, why they might want to know me, how I can help them, and what I can offer them.  Once they are through that, I give them an option to check out or purchase services with me and then they go into my weekly email list and get an email once each week.

My Recommendation

Overall, I would recommend using a quiz on your website.  First of all, the trend is working and people are opting in.  Secondly, my own conversion rate for using the quiz was quite high and if it continued at the same rate, my email list would continue to grow and, potentially, more business would be coming in the door.

Interact itself is a great system and simple to use.  Their prices are more than fair and the help I got walking through everything was really quite stellar (thanks, Jessmyn!).

Whether you are a blogger or just an online business owner, quizzes are going to work great for you!  It is such a great way to speak directly and personally to your target audience and enable them to feel like they are getting to know you naturally.

Are you interested in checking out Interact and creating your first quiz?  Go check it out now and don’t miss any more time!

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