Tips for Using Group Boards on Pinterest!

Over 2018, there’s been a question about whether Pinterest group boards actually help you or not. Before June of 2018, they were the number one thing recommended by bloggers to increase your pin impressions. Since then, there have been many other recommendations such as Tailwind Tribes or personal board growth.

How to Use Group Boards for Pinterest Marketing

Personally, I still find Pinterest group boards to be important to your profile growth. Group boards can be used for many different things; however, I’ve narrowed them down to two for the sake of this post.

  1. Pinterest Search Engine Optimization
  2. Pinterest Marketing Opportunities


Pinterest Search Engine Optimization

If you haven’t read my post about optimization of your Pinterest profile, I highly recommend you read it before continuing on with this post. Now that you’ve read that, you understand the benefit of optimized Pinterest boards and pins. When it comes to a strategy of optimizing your pins, I always recommend posting your pins to TWO highly relevant boards before a catch-all board such as your “Best Of” board.

For some people, and topics, it might be hard to find two boards to post to right away. As an example, if you have a pin related to Tailwind Tribes, you are going to post this to your Pinterest board, but where else? When this is the case, I recommend using group boards. Using this example, you may be part of a Pinterest Marketing group board that you could post this to.

Using the above technique helps Pinterest categorize the pin easier. It knows that this pin is related to Pinterest marketing and can even show up on keyword searches relative to the board descriptions that you’ve put it on. This helps increase your optimization without having to create two boards with the same content! Just imagine what you could do with group boards in each relevant topic you post about!

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Pinterest Marketing Opportunities

This is where the argument of whether group boards are relevant comes into place. The common argument these days is that people are posting to group boards and then not repinning other people’s content. This causes the board’s virality rate to decrease and the board to not be helpful in promoting your content.

My argument is, and always will be, that if you’re in a good group board, this won’t be the case. To find these good boards, you’ll want to make sure the description has a way to request to be part of it. Generally, this means sending an email to the owner of the board. Boards with these parameters mean that the owner has to look at your content before adding you and knows that you’re active. Boards without this requirement generally have a lot of randomly added contributors without knowledge of their content or activity within Pinterest itself.

You should also be looking at the virality score of the boards after you’ve been added to them. You can see this under the board inspector in Tailwind. If you sort your boards by virality, you can see which ones are doing better or worse with your content! Once you’ve been added to some good boards, you can pin to them (and repin from them) to increase the virality for other contributors too!

My Group Board Strategy

Many of you may be wondering how I pin to these boards in a way that will help increase my own, and my client’s, content. Before you continue reading, I highly recommend you download my free Group Board Promotional Schedule. This excel sheet has been so powerful in helping me promote the right content to appropriate boards without oversharing the same content.

Every month I apply to three new boards, even if I think I’ve found some good ones. This helps me increase the likelihood of being in even more relevant, powerful group boards. Once I’m part of these boards, I create a schedule using my excel sheet mentioned above and try to pin at least one pin a day to these boards MANUALLY. This is to make sure that the board has a good virality score with my content in the first place.

Once the boards prove themselves to be worthy of my content, I put them into my Tailwind schedule (which I’ll be writing about in the new year). They stay in this schedule until another board comes along with a higher virality score and kicks it off. If it’s kicked off the Tailwind schedule, I try another month of manual pinning. This month will determine if I should just stick to manual pinning or if I should leave the board. Some boards I archive until I want to spend the time manually pinning and working with. This is all dependent on the work you want to put in.

Now that you’ve seen the importance of group boards and gotten my strategy for pinning to them, make sure to go out and pin! Pinterest only works if you put the necessary work into it!

How to Use Group Boards for Pinterest Marketing

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