The Trick to use Cold Pitching to get More Clients

One way that I get a lot of attention to my services, besides Pinterest of course, is by cold pitching. I know, that sounds like a negative word, but I promise you, it can be really helpful.

What is cold pitching? This is when you send emails to people who you think may need your services and hope they respond saying that they do! Yep, it still sounds negative since you’re pretty much annoying strangers to buy your stuff… but how else are you supposed to sell? You can’t just hope people see your products or services. ‘Cause that’s not going to happen.

The Trick to Using Cold Pitching to get More Clients

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Here’s the process that I follow to do my cold pitching:

1. Find the Person that Needs your Help

Since I’m a Pinterest Strategist, I go onto Pinterest to find my clients. Specifically, my ideal client is women bloggers or business owners so I look up things that women would normally write about such as parenting, self-care, and essential oils. I even look up topics about virtual assistants and pitch the idea of collaborating in case they don’t provide Pinterest services as their packages.

2. Figure out How to Contact Them

Personally, even though I’m on Pinterest, I do not message them on that platform. Let’s be realistic, when was the last time you read your messages on Pinterest? Exactly. Instead, I take the time to go onto their website, learn a little bit more about them, and find their contact information. Sometimes this is an email and sometimes it’s a contact form they want you to fill out. I don’t really take the time to message people if they only list their social media as I know that some people don’t check those either!

3. Write out Your Message

I have a template that pretty much has the following outline: Mention who you are, provide value, explain your services.

  • Mention who you are – don’t make this a long list of the things you’ve experienced as a business owner. This isn’t about you, it’s about them. This would be a perfect time to use your elevator pitch. Don’t forget to mention how you found them so it shows that you aren’t spam but a real person who found them the way they are trying to be found.
  • Provide value – This is where you would show your expertise in your subject. I offer a First-Glance Pinterest Profile SEO Evaluation as a freebie to sign up for my email list, but for cold pitching, I go through their profile and find the things that need to be changed for them. I don’t request they sign up for my email list to get this as I am already sitting their annoying them. Asking them to sign up for your email list is most likely going to get you marked as spam.
  • Explain your services – Now is the time to tie the first two together. This is where I would explain that one of my services is to make the changes I mentioned from the SEO Evaluation. This shows them that I can help them after I’ve described their pain point. In the end, I mention that they can find this package as well as see my other services on my website.
  • I sign off with my signature. If this is through email, this includes a link to book a consultation call with me in case that’s something they are interested.

After writing our your message, you’re done! Send your message and cross your fingers. I know this can be a scary process since you’re making yourself vulnerable to being marked as spam or getting nasty emails telling you to stop messaging them. This is going to happen. You are going to get no’s, but for every couple of no’s, you could get a yes. You just don’t know what that ratio is yet.

Get yourself out there, grow your business, and let’s be successful together!

-Trying Not to Go Crazy


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  1. I like your point about adding value. I often have people reach out to me through my website and pitch ideas to me, but the ones I respond to are the ones who say things that make sense for me and my audience.

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