The Start of a Blogging Adventure

Every day I am attempting to not go crazy. I try so hard to work full time, be a full time mom, be a full time wife, and get some time to myself (mostly the time to myself is just so that I don’t go crazy). Well, if you haven’t noticed by now, I did something crazy. I’ve decided to try to make money with my blog.

There are so many people on Pinterest that talk about how they’re making a full time income and working from home by blogging. I got inspired. So, on Tuesday, I bought my blog domain. That’s right, the money I’ve been trying to get with Swagbucks and other apps was used to buy a blog domain. I now, officially, own the domain After much consideration, I’ve decided to share this adventure with you! None of the blogs that explain making money through blogging really go through their adventure from day one with their followers. They just explain how they made money after six months or more. Well, here we go, I’m going from day one and letting you know the pros and cons every month of how I am doing.

As I told you before, I started this adventure on Tuesday, January 2nd. I’ve been reading many blog posts about how people have made money and I’m still doing my research, but one thing I found was that people were making money through Google Adsense. I immediately signed up for the program and hit a snag. It turns out Google Adsense isn’t very “WordPress Friendly.” I ended up having to do a lot of research on how to add the verification code to my blog and I’m still struggling! By the end of the day yesterday, I had emailed to feedback group on the website to try to get more information on way it’s not working. Hopefully, I won’t be denied by the time I get a hold of them and figure out the problem.

Yesterday, I upgraded my blog domain from the personal to the premium. In case I didn’t mention, I went ahead and did the hosting through WordPress. They were the cheapest that I could find right now and it meant not really having to change my blog. They have three different programs of self-hosting: personal, premium, and business. The personal was great for day one, but as I was trying to figure out Google Adsense, I ended up needing to edit my CSS which you could only do through the Premium. Even though Google Adsense hasn’t come through yet (although I hope they will), WordPress allows for what’s called WordAds. This is pretty much the same thing as Google Adsense, but it’s through WordPress so I don’t have to change any coding in my blog to make it work!

Also yesterday, I applied for my first affiliate website, Share A Sale. You have to apply and it could take up to 2 business days to be approved. From there, I can start accepting affiliate links and make money that way! Now, I just need to do more research on how to make money through affiliate links and ways that the links won’t affect my audiences opinion of my blog.

This is about to be a very long adventure, and you’ll probably start to see changes in my blog as I go, but I am looking forward to possibly working from home with my kids and making more money then I am at my current job! If you have any advice, suggestions, or just plain feedback, let me know! I’m always looking for ways to better my blog!

-Trying Not To Go Crazy,

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  1. I am in the same boat! I just started my blog in January and have yet to make any money. Slightly different from those “make $1,000 your first month of blogging” posts that I’m sure we both have pinned. Keep it up. Your blog looks great.

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