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Tailwind Scheduling of 100 Pins

What is Tailwind and Why do you Need it?

Tailwind is a Pinterest Pin Scheduler. This means that you can set up the app to pin your images throughout the day or at specific times so you don’t have to. 

Not only does Tailwind save you time from having to manually pin throughout the day, but it also has amazing analysis features including ranking your pins by repin and your boards by virility. You can use these ranks to help develop future Pinterest strategies and find out what needs to be changed.

Lastly, Tailwind also has a feature called Tribes where you can find other people’s content to Pin and promote your own content for additional traffic and engagement! 

Tailwind Account Set Up Includes:

  • Syncing Pinterest to Tailwind
  • Analysis of Top 5 Pins and Boards

Tailwind Monthly Scheduling Includes:

  • Analysis of top 30 pins and top 30 boards
  • Scheduling of 4 pins per day to Tailwind using my personal Tailwind Strategy

PLUS… You’ll receive a follow up document with Pinterest strategy suggestions specific to your business! 

*** Tailwind Packages require purchaser to buy a Tailwind Subscription. You can purchase this HERE! ***

Purchase both services and use the code “tailwind” to receive $25 off!

Get your Tailwind Services Today!

Tailwind Account Set Up

Tailwind Scheduling of 100 Pins

Rachel Scott

Pinterest Strategist

About The Business Owner

Hi, I'm Rachel! I'm a mother of a beautiful girl and an accountant! My Pinterest business is a side hustle that I am trying to turn into my full-time job! I love Pinterest and how it can help companies increase their traffic, subscriptions, and sales! I cannot wait until this business is my full-time business!

Tailwind Services

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