Surviving July 4th with Children

July 4th is coming up and we all know it can be a difficult and fun time! Last year, I spent July 4th inside because Kayleigh was only 2 months old and couldn’t be around any of the loud sounds. This year, I hope to be able to show her fireworks, taste BBQ foods, and experience the patriotism of July 4th!

Surviving July 4th with children

Fun Activities

No matter what the age, kids need activities to do. For this occasion, there are so many patriotic things to do!

Read A Book

The Story of America’s Birthday is a great book to read to your child. It’s all about why we celebrate July 4th and the background of the special day! It’s also a board book making it great for the little ones! This book is short, keeping the kid’s attention, but still very informative!

Make Art

There are so many crafts for all different ages on this website. There are instructions on making flag hand prints, tambourines, or even candles! Art is a great way to explain the colors of the American flag and something to do outside!

Make a Care Package

One thing that most people forget about is that our troops are overseas unable to celebrate with us on this holiday. On July 4th of 2013, I send pictures of fireworks to B while he was overseas serving in the U.S. Army. This website shows you what items and how to prepare a care package to send to our troops overseas. What better way to celebrate our freedom then sending a gift to those protecting it.

Safety Tips

Although July 4th is a very exciting, fun time, it’s important to teach your children about safety too. In 2004, 50% of firework-related injuries happened to children 14 years of age and younger. Teaching these tips to your children greatly lowers the risk of these injuries happening.


  • Always light fireworks away from other people
  • Do not try to relight defective fireworks
  • Put fireworks in water as before throwing them in trashcans

Grilling Safety Tips

Grilling areas should be a child free area. Grease and smoke from the grill could harm your child.

Although these are just some of the basics, July 4th is such an amazing holiday. It’s a great time to get the family and some friends together! I cannot wait to share this holiday with my family this year!

-Trying Not to Go Crazy,

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Surviving July 4th with children

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