5 Shopping Guilting Pleasures

As ironic as this sounds, I HATE shopping. I’m not sure how much more forcefully I can say that. I cannot stand trying on clothes that I may not like myself in or finding out that the one thing that I actually really like is WAY over my budget. It’s a terrifying process. But there are a couple of places that I like to shop at. Here are the places I would recommend.

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My 5 Shopping Guilty Pleasures

 1. Carters

For those that don’t know, Carter’s sells children’s clothing. I may hate buying clothes for myself, but I LOVE buying clothes for my daughter. There’s nothing more exciting than all the cute baby clothes with rainbows and butterflies on it!

Lucky for me, babies are always growing so I’ll be shopping for these cute clothes for a long time! Click this link to check out more about Carters!

2. BJ’s Warehouse

Although I could eat at the restaurant as well, BJ’s Warehouse is the best place for bulk purchases. Specifically, I love it for diapers. An extra large box of size 3 diapers is only around $40!

My husband, on the other hand, will check BJ’s for everything he wants to buy. We have a cubbie that looks like we’re ready for the Apocalypse with paper towels and toilet paper.

Unfortunately, you have to pay for a membership here much like Sam’s Club or Costco, but click here to get more information!

3. Target

There’s a Target right around the corner from my house and it is very dangerous for my wallet. Especially since they just got a new Starbucks.

I mostly go here for household decorations (curtain rods, curtains, etc.).  Everything is super cute and inexpensive. Spend $35 on baby items to get free shipping here!

4. Erin Condren

A big addiction I have is planners. I have to have a planner with me at all time, even if I have nothing to plan. I love Erin Condren because they also have a lot of accessories! Currently, I have a planner that started June of 2016 and goes until December of 2018.

I also have sticky notes that fit perfectly into the planner. I used to have the budget planner until my budget got more complicated. It was perfect for my study schedules. Click here to learn more about Erin Condren Planners.

5. Amazon

I blame my company for my Amazon addition. Can’t find what you are looking for in stores? Find it on Amazon. It’s especially more helpful to have a $500 gift card from your company.

Specifically, my husband likes them because he can get his comic books and nerdy stuff that would otherwise be difficult to find. They also have baby registries to make shopping for baby easier.

You can find information on Amazon through the search above!

As you can see, my guilty pleasures have become more about shopping for my daughter. I still really hate shopping for myself, but shopping for my family is somewhat enjoyable.

-Trying Not to Go Crazy,

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My 5 Shopping Guilty Pleasures

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  1. I love Target! There’s nothing you can’t find there and there are some great deals right now.

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