Rise of the Mom Cold

Winter is the hardest time of the year. Everyone gets a cold. The baby gets sick and needs her mom. The husband gets sick and needs his wife. But what happens when mom gets sick?

It’s like the DayQuil commercial where they say that mom’s don’t get sick days, they get DayQuil. Except that DayQuil doesn’t get rid of colds. It just pushes it off so that you can work way to hard thinking that you feel better and end up needing NyQuil too. But if you have a baby who is still waking up at night, then you can’t take NyQuil or you won’t wake up. Do you see the pattern?

Mom’s just can’t get sick. It’s not allowed. It’s like a rule that says that if you get sick you’re a bad mom and you’ll have to be a bad mom while still being mom. You don’t get to take a break. So don’t get sick.

-Trying not to go crazy,


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