2 Major Reasons you NEED a Pinterest Strategist!

Pinterest Strategist work on many different things involving Pinterest. These include Search Engine Optimization, scheduling Pins, and monthly strategies to help market your business. Many Virtual Assistants are now getting into the world of Pinterest, but with it being a time-consuming search engine, it’s better to hire someone who can primarily focus on this platform. Here are the two main reasons you should hire a Pinterest strategist.

Major Reasons to hire a Pinterest Strategist

1. Time Consumption

Marketing through Pinterest involves many different steps. This includes creating your own images, pinning your own images to boards, and pinning other people’s images as well.

Creating your own Images

Creating your own images includes making sure you’ve done Search Engine Optimization of the topic, create keywords, and follow guidelines like pin size and eligible fonts. Hopefully, by the end of what can be up to 30-minutes, you have created one or two images for your content.

Pinning Your Images to Boards

Your image should originally be posted to your “Best of” Board, but after that, you have to pin it to group boards and other personal boards. All of this so you can categorize your pin, make it searchable, and increase your pins reach! Depending on the amount of images you pin, this could take an hour at most!

Pinning Other People’s Images

You don’t want your Pinterest to only have your images on it right? That just looks spammy. So now you have to spend time pinning other peoples images. All these images need to match your niche so this could take time. I try to spend 10 minutes multiple times a day totaling about 40 to 50 minutes!

All these activities take up at most almost 3 hours! That is three hours that you could be spending on your own business. Hiring a Pinterest Strategist allows you to free up 3 hours of marketing time and focus on what really matters.

2. Piece of Mind

Your business should be the only thing you have to worry about. Pinterest, with it’s ever changing algorithm, can be confusing and worrisome. Most recently, there were two different videos Pinterest did with two different outcomes! Don’t let the changes of Pinterest confuse you and take up your precious time. Let me figure out and make the necessary changes every time it’s needed!

You may be thinking it’s time for you to hire a Pinterest strategist. You’re right! You can learn about the services I offer and how to hire me here

Interested in learning how to do it yourself? I also have a program that teaches you a custom strategy for your business. You can learn more about this program here.


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