Promoted Pin Campaign Analysis

What is Pinterest Promoted Pin Campaign?

Have you ever been scrolled through Pinterest and see an image trying to sell something and it says “Promoted by…”

THAT is a a Promoted Pin Campaign!

These campaigns are marketing ads that can be geared towards your audience. They can be used to sell products, increase blog post traffic, and expand your email subscriber lists! 

This Promoted Pin Campaign Package Includes:

  • Creation of two pin images based on Pinterest Ad Rules, if needed.
  • Development of Keyword list including 20-50 keywords.
  • Construction, maintenance, and analysis of 14 day campaign.

Start Marketing your Business Through Pinterest Today!

Rachel Scott

Pinterest Strategist

About The Business Owner

Hi, I'm Rachel! I'm a mother of a beautiful girl and an accountant! My Pinterest business is a side hustle that I am trying to turn into my full-time job! I love Pinterest and how it can help companies increase their traffic, subscriptions, and sales! I cannot wait until this business is my full-time business!

Promoted Pin Campaign Analysis!

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