Postpartum-Hospital Version

If there is one thing I learned about giving birth, you stop caring about what people think of you. You see, I was in the hospital for FOUR days. Three of which, I was in a hospital gown that had snaps on the shoulders so you could breast feed. I lost all care in the world. Well, not all care, but you get the point.

It’s practically impossible to not have your boobs out when someone comes in the room during those four days. I mean, I watched people change the trash eight times. That’s eight people coming in and out of my room. I practically made friends with the two room service people since I got food from them an average of twice a day, sometimes more. Not to mention the four different nurse practitioners, four different doctors for me, eight different nurses (day nurse and night), and the lactation specialist. At some point, one of them had to see me with my boob out (especially the lactation specialist since that was her job). I stopped saying sorry to people for having my boob out on the third day. They just expected it, so I didn’t care anymore.

Those four days in the hospital were kind of awkward. Of course, one day was the process of giving birth, but the second, third, and fourth were just weird.

The second day, it was all about the new baby. Because of the magnesium I had to be on for my blood pressure, which you can read about here, I wasn’t allowed to get out of the bed for an additional 12 hours after Kayleigh was born. I also was on an all liquid diet, so I was just all together grumpy. That first day after your child is born is when everyone wants to see you. We hadn’t told anyone that I was going to be induced, besides immediate family, so I got to announce her birth on Facebook that day. Then everyone asked when they could see her, which I proceeded to tell them that we didn’t want anyone to come to the hospital as this was a time for me and B to get acquainted with Kayleigh as well as for me to get some rest. You’d be surprised how little amount of sleep you want to get after you have a baby… for the first day.

The third day was just annoying. This is the day that normally we would have gone home, but my blood pressure was still too high for them to let me so they requested that I stay another day. The day before I had been moved out of my labor and delivery room and into my postpartum room, but it wasn’t any different. The nurses cared a little less about how you were doing and really expected you to do it all by yourself. I had a good night nurse though who was super helpful when it came down to figuring out why Kayleigh was cluster feeding. The third day is when they do all of the tests. Kayleigh got her ears checked, got her hospital pictures done, and then social services had to come to make sure that my OCD wouldn’t affect me as a parent. It’s a very tiring day with all the new people coming to mess with your child, let alone day two of no sleep.

The last day was it’s own issue. They wanted me to stay an additional day, but I decided otherwise. I told them that if they didn’t figure out something I could do at home then I was going to leave against doctors advice, a big no no. Luckily, they put me on medication and we finally left the hospital by 10pm!

I will forever thank my labor and delivery nurses, but hate my postpartum nurses.

-Trying not to go crazy,

Postpartum Experience - Hospital

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