Postpartum-6 Weeks at Home

People always say that you don’t want visitors. You don’t want to take your baby out of the house until they are a month old. I’ll tell you one thing: I couldn’t do it.

Postpartum - 6 Weeks

I hadn’t seen anyone besides the nurses, my parents, and my husband for days. I wanted visitors. I didn’t care that my house looked like shit. I hadn’t cleaned nor was I planning on it. But I needed to have people over. B started his internship a couple of days later and his parents weren’t going to be visiting until she was 2 weeks. That was 2 weeks that I wasn’t expected to see anyone. The day after we went home from the hospital, I immediately posted on Facebook “Thank you to those that respected the fact that I didn’t want visitors while I was in the hospital. Kayleigh and I are now ready for visitors since we are now home. Feel free to call me up to schedule a time to visit.”

This is when my mom’s overly opinionated best friend decided to say that no one should come visit because we’re not ready. She didn’t know if we were ready or not. She didn’t know that I was bored home. For some reason, I wasn’t able to “sleep when the baby sleeps” so it wasn’t like I need to nap. I actually would have appreciated people bringing me food and holding Kayleigh for a little bit. Just slab some germ-x all over your entire body and take her away for five seconds. I needed the socialization and this women is telling people not to come.

When B’s parents got here, they stayed in a hotel and wanted to go see Raleigh. We were going out to dinner MANY times and visiting places with my 2 week old. At first, I was a little uncomfortable with the idea, but then it just made me sane. It was soo nice to get out of my tiny, dark little town home. It was nice to not worry about our dog for a little bit and really get to know my in-laws while I was at it.

No matter what people say about staying in the house or not having visitors, you’re the mother. You can make that decision. I hate when people tell you that this is how it should be and you can’t adjust that. What about the single mothers that have no one to go grocery shopping for them, so they have to take their newborn?



-Trying not to go crazy,


Postpartum - 6 weeks


  1. I was the same way! I wanted people to visit me in the hospital, at home, ect. I’m a social person and wanted to show off my sweet baby.

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