Organizing Pinterest Marketing with Excel Spreadsheets!

The greatest, and hardest, part of blogging is promoting your new posts. Promoting includes posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. When it comes to Pinterest, it can be hard to keep track of all the different “pins” you have for each post, when to post, and how many. I thought I would give you some help by showing you how I do it!

How to Use Excel Spreadsheets

My Excel Sheet

I have developed an excel sheet to keep track of what I’ve pinned and to what group. Each tab is a different Group Board that I belong to. I belong to over 80, so it’s important that I keep up with them all.

On each tab includes a number at the top (because I like to know how many Group Boards I’m in), the name of the group, and the rules that it may have. The rules are important because some Group Boards request that you only post twice a day or even tell you which type of post is allowed in the group. I have three types of groups including parenting posts, blogging posts, and everything!

Pinterest Excel

As you can see in the picture above, the first column is a list of all the different pins I have on my blog. There are two different pins for each post and one for each affiliate link. I try to name the pin based off of what it says so that I can translate it later. The other columns are the dates.

The Start of The Month

Before the month even starts, I schedule my top pins to be posted on Tailwind. Some people only schedule for a week in advance, but since I work a 9-5, I don’t have the time to reschedule each weekend. Instead, I schedule a certain number to be pinned every month. I’ll get more into this in another post some time.

I, also, update my excel sheet. I add the new month to each tab, pick a color for it, and label each tab according to whether they will have Tailwind post to it or manual. Also, I keep the tailwind tabs gray and makes the manual ones pink. That way they stick out as groups that I need to post to.

A Typical Day

On a typical day, I’ll go to my excel sheet, pick a board, and see what’s next to the pin. I generally try to pin each one at least once in the Group Board before I duplicate it. You’ll see from my above example that some of the days in March are hidden, this is because I hide the date once I’ve used the pin for the second time.

For example, using the picture above, the next day is March  7th. On that day, I posted the “No One Told – PostPartum” Pin to the Group Board Great Bloggers. So, on the 11th that was the next pin to come up as needing to be pinned to this board. This allows for me to not spam the board with the same Pins and gets a fresh look to its member’s eyes.

As a typical rule, I post to each board at least once and only post a specific pin three times a day. This way the “Pins” section on my profile doesn’t look like I spammed anyone either. It’s important to not look like you only care about yourself and your pins. Pinterest prefers that you spend the time pinning other content as well and this all shows up under the “Pins” section of your profile.

I hope that this post was useful to those that are interested in promoting yourself on Pinterest. The majority of your readers are going to be other bloggers, who are on Pinterest, so I highly recommend you jump on the Pinterest wagon too. That is once they figure out their conflict with Google!

-Trying Not to Go Crazy,

Signature - Rachel

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