November Goals

At the beginning of this month, which you can read about here, I talked about some monetary goals that I had created. Mostly, these goals were just getting money into my bank account. I created a visual for myself and colored in the items that I succeeded.

It’s interesting, at the end of the month, to see what I have succeeded in. I practically doubled my goals when it came to Swagbucks. I have a total of 25 referrals which are currently getting me about a buck a day without me having to even do anything! I also have redeemed enough to fill my PayPal goal and put some of the money into my actual banking account.

While I was able to succeed in some department, it was obvious that my goals in the other apps may have been to high. In October, I was able to get $10 from Qmee, but this month it was much harder to qualify for enough surveys to get that. Of course, I won’t be redeeming that account until Friday so I still have the possibility of at least getting $7. I even decided to quit one of the apps. Viggle was willing to pay me for watching tv, but that meant constantly keeping the app open and allowing it to listen every once in a while to the tv to make sure I was still watching. It was a total waste of my phone battery for a small outcome.

It’s easy to come up with goals but it’s hard to keep up with them. I know what I want in the long run (to be a stay at home mom), but trying to find a way to make enough money to get there is what is going to take time.

Do you know ways to make money as a side hustle? Share them with me and maybe you’ll be featured in one of my next posts!

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-Trying not to go crazy,


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