My Why

Usually, a blogger should only put updates about each subject each month, but a lot has happened since I last posted about my newest blogging adventure. Have no clue what I’m talking about? Click here to read about how and when I decided to start a blog.

In the last 17 days, I’ve done A LOT of research about making money blogging. There are many people who say that they can do it in just 6 months or a year. The only thing that each article or e-book that I read had in common was that you needed to find your “why” in order to be a good blogger.

My Why

My “why” seemed pretty simple at first: I want to be a stay at home mom, but most of these articles wanted you to think further into your why. Is there more than one reason? What do you need to get to your big picture? So, here’s my why:

1. I want to be a Work at Home Mom

I know, I know, I always said I wanted to just be a stay at home mom, but once I started getting into why I want to be at home, I realized I can’t just depend on B to make the money.

There will be some free time while I am home with the kids, why not use this time to do something like blogging where I can make money and be with my children?

2. I want to be comfortable

You’re probably wondering what being comfortable has to do with why I started a blog. I don’t mean comfortable like wearing a warm sweater around the house. I mean financially. Currently, my family is living paycheck to paycheck only able to put money away as long as NOTHING happens that’s not planned that month.

Which let’s be honest, things happen all the time. I want to be comfortable in the sense that we have a good amount in savings and I can stop worrying about if one fun day out with the kids or one date night is going to put us back for the rest of the month.

3. I want to be successful

Even mothers who are sitting with their child at home eventually feels like they aren’t doing enough. Once the kids go off to school, they start joining clubs like the PTA in order to keep busy. Some even get jobs, but have to start from the beginning of their careers all over again.

When it comes time for my kids to go back to school, I want to be able to already have a career going. Something that I can just build upon, such as writing an e-book or developing some other product to sell. I don’t want to go back to being a Junior accountant.

4. I HATE my job

This is one of the most important reasons why. Sure being with my kids would be great, but I wouldn’t feel such a need if I didn’t feel like I was wasting precious time away from my child at my job. I always wanted to be an accountant, but I don’t even feel like one right now. I spend most of my time at work doing whatever my boss needs me to do or scanning invoices in the copy room.

When I was pregnant, I spent hours on my feet scanning invoices just for an audit. I’m in AP, but most of that involves telling people we can’t pay them because we don’t have the money. It’s a very negative atmosphere that I need to get out of for the better of myself and my family.

So I’ve broken down my “why” into many others and honestly, it’s motivated me even more! Now, I leave my job thinking about what exciting thing I need to do for my blog that evening. I want to read more articles and get more information. If other people can make over 10K a month, why can’t I?

-Trying Not to Go Crazy,

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The Reason Why I Started a Blog

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