Merry Christmas

Tradition has always been something that I stood by. A couple of years, I actually cried when my parents said we should wait to open presents until my brother got there. It has always been important to be that we stick with the schedule. Wake up in the morning, drink coffee while opening presents, and then watch football while the cooking began for our steak dinner.

Two years ago, we spent Christmas traveling to Tulsa so that B and I could spend the holiday with his family. That was the first time I had spent the holiday doing something other than opening my gift first thing in the morning. We opened the gifts the night before and I even wore some of the clothes I got during the trip. It was unusual, but the start of unusual Christmas’ to come.

Last year, my parents traveled to Christmas, without my husband and pregnant me. We opened presents on the day before Christmas Eve, since B had to work on Christmas Eve, and my parents left on Christmas Day. I missed the tradition, but I was so uncomfortable and pregnant that I really didn’t care.

This year, we were lucky enough to have traditions and start new ones. B, Kayleigh, and I opened our presents on Christmas Eve. It was nice to be able to open presents as a family. Just our small little family. I took Kayleigh to church as I used to do as a child, and hope I can continue to do so as she grows up and explores her faith. This morning, Christmas morning, we traveled down to my parents house and opened gifts continuing the tradition that I am used too.

Tradition has always been something I stood by, but I am so excited to start our new traditions and branch into the untraditional.

-Trying not to go crazy,


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