May Income Report

They say not to care about your traffic or other stats until you’ve been involved with your blog for at least six years. For some reason, I am totally unable to listen to this advice.

I pay attention to my traffic, which was lower than I want it to be, and the dollar amounts coming from my ads. I have actually been getting so involved in these numbers that I’ve spent hours trying to promote my posts and have lost the reason why I started my blog in the first place.

Halfway through May, I realized this and decided to make a change.

May Income Report

The Changes

I made two major changes to my blog in May. Although they haven’t made a large change yet, I’m hoping they will completely change the way I see blogging and making money at home.

Guest Posting

The first change I made was opening my blog up to guest posting. I had started to fall out of love with writing for my blog. There are so many rules to make things succeed. You need over 1,000 words, long-tail keywords, and multiple headings. All of this, just so your blog post will get more authentic views from Google. I’ve started doing this and only ended up getting 1 view from Google a day.

I decided that I wanted to write whenever I wanted to. I didn’t want to be forced to write every Tuesday even if I didn’t like the topic I came up with. So, I started asking around for other mom bloggers to write for me.

My blog will now have stories that I could never relate to, such as healthy snacks or babies in the NICU. I hope that this will make things more open to my readers and not limit you to the posts about new motherhood.

Pinterest Virtual Assistant

I’ll be honest, I’m not making a lot of money through blogging (if you didn’t get that hint through my older Income Reports).

I’ve had to make the decision on how I want to make money. There’s ads, products, and affiliate marketing.

Ads are great, but you only make as much as the traffic you get in which can take time away from the fun of blogging.

Affiliate marketing is pretty much dependent on traffic as well. You have to get someone to see your link and actually want to buy it just so you can get a small amount of commission. Just for Amazon, I only get 3% commission.

Lastly, there are products. I’ve been working on an E-book for new mother’s, but it won’t be released until September. Not to mention, I’m really not sure that people will be very interested. I guess I have a case of imposter syndrome, but I won’t be happy until it’s perfect.

What I’m doing

Because those three items weren’t making me very much money, I looked at what I was in love with. Out of all the things I’ve had to do for my blog, I’ve fallen in love with Pinterest.

My love for Pinning and the strategy of each Pin has gotten me to start my own Pinterest Virtual assistant business! I’m so excited because I’ve already made $75 with $100 still in the plan for next month. This is sooo much more than I’ve made in the last 5 months!

Monthly Revenue

As usual, I want to break down my revenue and expenses. This helps you and me find out where I’m spending too much money when I’m not making enough to cover the expenses.


Mediavine is the Ad network I switched to in April. It has a much better revenue than Google Adsense did and I’m happy I changed. In the month of May, I made $21.18.

Affiliate Marketing

I actually made some money through affiliate marketing. I had a friend who was interested in starting her own blog so she bought her domain through Siteground getting me $50.

Pinterest VA

This is the one thing that I’m excited about telling you all! I made $75 from my services! This is such a large amount compared to what I was making before!

Total Revenue: $146.18


My expenses were the usual with one new charge.

My expenses include:

I’m proud enough to say that I didn’t buy any courses this month or books that I really didn’t need. This is most likely because the Ultimate Bloggers Toolkit has so many courses and ebooks in it that have helped with all questions I’ve needed.

Total Expenses: $52.46

Net Income in the $93.72!!!!

I’m so happy to have a positive net income this month. I really think this is because of the change in Ad companies in April and my new Pinterest Virtual Assistant business! I so hope that next month will be another case of high income and one step closer to becoming a work-from-home mom.

-Trying Not to Go Crazy,

Signature - Rachel

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  1. Congratulations for actually making an income this month. The blogger struggle is real. Sometimes I’m just ready to throw in the towel, and other times I want to keep going..

  2. We’re so glad you’ve joined the Mediavine family!
    Congratulations on setting clear goals and achieving them! Blogging is a long-game and it can be super frustrating to wait for results from a lot of hard work, but way to hang in there.
    If you ever have questions, we’re here at to work with you on anything from SEO to optimization.
    Thanks for mentioning us in your income report!
    ~Jenny, Mediavine Marketing Associate

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