March Income Report

Blogging isn’t easy. When I first got started, I read all these articles about how much money I was going to get in a short amount of time. I am three months into blogging and this still isn’t the case.

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March Income Report | Blogging


I am trying to gain revenue from three sources different types of sources (at this time). These include ads, affiliate marketing, and Swagbucks.

Ad income comes from Google Adsense and In March, I made $5.10 from Google Adsense and $0.47 from This all comes from traffic that comes to my site.

I am part of plenty of Affiliate Marketing groups. ShareASale, FlexOffers, Tailwind, Bluehost, and Send Owl are just a couple of the ones I work with. Unfortunately, this month I was unable to make any money through this source.

I also get an income from a site called Swagbucks. Here, I can earn PayPal gift cards by watching videos and answering surveys. Through this, I made $75 to help me toward blogging.


My expenses are what put me in the hole. The expenses I have right now are:

As you can see, I’ve put a lot into this blog without a high income. However, unless you are sitting at home, alone, with way more time on your hands then you should, it’s impossible to not put money into your blog. You have to spend money before you can make money.

What am I doing to Help my Income Grow?

Above, I mentioned The Society. This is a program through Women Winning Online for a bunch of female business owners to work together. Everyone boosts each other up, holds you accountable, and gives you feedback on what may or may not be working. This has been the best decision I’ve made towards my future income with my blog.

So far, I’ve completed BIG projects I had going on and realized what I want to do as my own product to sell. Now, it’s all about making things work and I’ll always have someone to help with feedback and ideas. If you’re considering blogging, I highly suggest spending the money to join this community.

Blogging isn’t going to make you a lot of money quick. It’s up to you to put your time, effort, and education towards this for a long period of time to get what you want.

January Income Report

February Income Report – Make sure to contact me here for more information on obtaining this report!

-Trying Not to Go Crazy,

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  1. Right?! You always hear about these people who earn crazy amounts of money through blogging and you’re like, I CAN DO THAT! The reality of it is hard, hard work. Rewarding when something does happen, but so hard. Thank you for posting a REAL income report. I can’t wait to see where blogging takes you in the future!

    xo, Victoria

  2. this is absolutely what i was looking for thankyou for this amazing article hope to see more in future.

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