Last Minute Valentine’s from The Kids

The other day, as I’m sitting at my desk at work, I realized that my husband might really like a gift from Kayleigh for Valentine’s Day. I know she’s only 9 months, but this would be their first Valentine’s Day together. Of course, I didn’t have this thought until I realized it’s kind of last minute.

If you’re like me, or even just a procrastinator,  here’s a couple of ideas for last minute gifts from your kids!

5 Last Minute Valentine's Day gifts from Kids

Footprint Heart

Check out this link to help you create a heart out of your babies footprints! All you need is paint and paper!

String Heart

Click here to find out how your kids can make a heart our of string, nails, and wood! It’s great for fine motor skills!

Pizza Valentine

Are you a big fan of pizza? Take a look at this pizza my heart Valentine made from paper!

Heart Wreath

Click here to see how to make a wreath out of paper hearts!

Heart Tree

Check out this link on how to make a tree of hearts with your child’s fingerprints!

Not all people like to procrastinate, but for those that do, I hope you enjoyed this list as much as I did!

My personal favorite is the heart made out of your baby’s footprints. This one is great for the itty-bitty babies who can’t quite cut paper or draw themselves!

-Trying Not to Go Crazy,

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5 Last Minute Valentine's Day gifts from Kids

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