It’s not like the Movies.

The world is full of the unexpected. This is a sentence that I, much like every other OCD person in the world, hate with a passion. I’m not good that the unexpected. It gives me anxiety and stress. Well… pregnancy is everything unexpected.

You don’t expect to see the positive sign on the pee stick. You don’t expect to know that it’s a girl. You don’t expect to know exactly what day or time your baby girl is going to be born. You don’t expect to know if she’s going to be perfectly healthy.

I didn’t expect to end up with pre-eclampsia. Especially since it wasn’t diagnosed until the day I was induced, which was also unexpected.

I thought giving birth was going to be just like in the movies. You’d be going about your day just like any other miserable pregnant women is at 9 months and then BAM water would be gushing onto the floor and pain would start. You’d be able to tell your husband, or significant other, that now is the time to go to the hospital and a couple of hours later you would have a perfectly healthy baby in your arms. Oh and you’d look like you just put your makeup on for a special occasion.

Before you ask, yes, I did go to birthing classes that told me that giving birth isn’t at all like this, but I girl can hope right?

Well on Wednesday, May 3rd, I went in for my regular 39 week check up. I got on the scale and winced at the weight I had gained, made a joke with the nurse about how happy I would be when she was finally born, and got ready to have my blood pressure taken. At every appointment (including the very first one I went to at 6 weeks), I had had high blood pressure the first time they took it. They would make me pee in a cup so they could look for proteins in my urine and then we would take it again and it would be just fine. But this time the nurse said something that made it sky rocket.

“Your blood pressure is too high for being so close to your due date. I think the doctor is going to want to induce you.”

Of course no mother wants to hear those words. There’s so many risk factors with being induced and your body doesn’t get to go through birth its natural way. Who knows what day Kayleigh would have been born if I wasn’t induced. I started to freak out. I didn’t expect induction. I didn’t want it. Could we not? Well my blood pressure went from 149 to 165 so quickly there was no other option. They wheeled me over (in a wheel chair) to the hospital and up to what would be my new bedroom for the next 36 hours.

At some point in the next 24 hours, I was going to have my baby. Kayleigh was going to be born.

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-Trying not to go crazy,


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