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There is nothing scarier than birth. I, as an OCD pregnant women, wanted to hear EVERY story I could about what it was like to give birth. Most of the stories I saw online were just bad or just good. There was no happy medium or good ending with complications in the middle. 

After sharing my birth story, which you can read about here, I realized that other people may want to share theirs too! Kind of like a Birth Story library for pregnant women!

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ISO: Moms who want to share their birth stories!

 The segment will be named “A Mother’s Story.”

Interested? 2018 is all booked up, but don’t let that stop you! We’re continuing this segment into 2019 AND you never know when someone may cancel this month and a spot will open! Contact me here!

A Mother's Story- Marilyn's Adoption Story
Read Marilyn's Story about Adopting Here
A Mother's Story - Tikia Foat
Read Tikia's Story about Twin Birth Here
A Mother's Story - Carolina Brandon
Read Carolina's Story about her long labor!
A Mother's Story - Niesha Walker
Read Nieshs'a Story about her third Birth!
A Mother's Story - May
May - Kia Chisholm
June - Shamira Azlan
July - Jennifer Lynn
July - Jennifer Lynn
A Mother's Story - August
August - Angel
September - Lisa Wingerter
A Mother's Story - October
October - Ashlee Martin
A Mother's Story - November
November - Michelle Morrison
A Mother's Story - December
December - Pamela Hodges

I look forward to starting this adventure with you!

-Trying Not to Go Crazy,

Signature - Rachel
ISO: Moms who want to share their birth stories!

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