If you’ve ever had a child, you know exactly how hard it is to set a goal and stick with it.

Before Kayleigh was born, I decided that I wanted to go back to school. That meant taking the GMAT. Well, I haven’t studied for that since June. Guess I won’t be taking that test any time soon. Not to mention if I don’t have time to study for the test, I definitely won’t have time to concentrate on homework and lectures.

Well, recently, I have decided to set some financial goals. Specifically with all the apps that I am participating in. To start, I decided to focus on Swagbucks, which explains the many posts about it. I’ve made the dedication to getting 5 more referrals. That would make my total 15. Next, I want to redeem my payments 3 times! That would be $75 just from that one app.

Here is the goals I’ve set for the rest of the apps:

Qmee: $15

SurveysonTheGo: Redeem once ($10)

Achievement: get 2,000 points

Toluna: Get 25,000 points

Zap: Get $10

InboxDollars: Redeem once ($30)

CoinsGame: Get 20,000 points

Lucktastic: Get 10,000 tokens

Lucky Day: Get 1,000,000 tokens

Viggle: Get 300 points

If you are interested in helping me with my Swagbucks goals, feel free to CLICK HERE!

-Trying not to go crazy,

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