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How to Get Work Done with Children -Bre

Meet Bre! Bre Hamilton is a beauty lover. She has been a mother for a decade and has learned the importance of self care and how beauty has fit into that in her own life. She wants to help other women feel valued and beautiful both on the outside and the inside. As a business owner, she has seen how important it is to learn how to balance both aspects of her life well. She wants to help you design and create content and learn how to be productive and balance both the parenting and business aspects of life even in the busiest of seasons.

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I know what you are thinking, after reading that headline: is that even a possibility? C’mon Bree, I am a busy mom of small children and there is really only so much I can do, I’m not Wonder Women!

I hear you, mama. I really do. I have young kids too and have been through even busier seasons of life than the one that I am in now. I have figured out a few key things to help me get things done during extremely busy times of life.

If you are in one of those times, then I want to have you figure out how you can guide your business in a positive way while still being mom when your kids are busy!

How to Get Work Done with Children

I have figured out several things that have helped me in my business and mom life.  I go more in depth in a post I wrote about rocking your mom life on my own blog. Here are my top three that I would say are the most important to do to get things done:

  • Time Blocking/Scheduling
  • Batching
  • Use the Tools

I am going to break each of these down a little bit for you and tell you how I make it work for me when I am busy with my kids!

Time Blocking and Scheduling

One of the skills that I would suggest you start using is the ability to time block your schedule. This is going to look different for different people because it will depend on your own life and what you have going on.

I would suggest writing down all of the things you absolutely HAVE to do – including things with the kids and your business tasks.

Looking at Your Calendar

Once you write all of this down, then look at your calendar and write in the times when you know your kids will be awake or around. Block those times off as times you are busy with your kids. I like to use Google Calendar for this because I can color block off the different times. That way, I can look at it and know right away what I will be busy with based on the color code system.

When you have those times blocked off, you can then add in tasks for your business around those – be specific here and stay realistic. If you have an hour of your time, don’t say “write blog post.” That is just too general for an hour of your time.


 For instance, your day might look like 7-10am kid block, 10:30-11:30 outline three blog posts, and 11:30-12:00 post on Instagram and Facebook. Then, you would have afternoon blocks of kid time and perhaps you could do the research on your blog post outlines.

This is something that will vary for you, especially with little children. One week to the next may not always look the same. It is okay to plan this out daily if that is more accurate for you, just do what works best for your life.

Batching Your Work

I alluded to this just a little bit in the previous paragraph, but batching is going to save your life and your sanity when it comes to business.

When you are with your kids, be with your kids and try not to dwell too much on all of the work you need to do. When you are working, though, you want to stay on one task for each time block you have set out. This is a way to get more done at once on each task and not end up with “shiny object syndrome.” Trying to do too many different things at once will only hurt your productivity.


When you have the morning block and you are working on blog posts, you just write, write, write until your time is up. Or, if you are outlining several posts, only do that. You get the idea: pick one task and work hard on that one thing for that block of time.

It might seem counter-intuitive, but batching will save you a lot of time when you don’t have a lot to spare!

Use All of the Tools

The last thing I want to talk about is how you can make tools work for you so you’re working smarter, not harder. There are so many that I could suggest, but I will very quickly talk about a few that I absolutely love and use all the time:

  • BlueHost – I wouldn’t be anywhere without proper hosting fo rmy website. This platform runs WordPress seamlessly, which is something I am familiar with already, so win-win!
  • Mailerlite – This is the email service that I use to build my list and send out regular communications, tips, offers, and so much more!
  • Acuity – this tool is newer for me, but I definitely would be lost without my scheduling system! This helps everything run smoothly by giving people an option to book coffee chats, coaching sessions, and more with question forms and sends me a confirmation e-mail!
  • Trello – This tool helps me organize and jot things down to deal with later. It is a digital organizer, a bulletin board of sorts. I can create workflows, to do lists, organize things with a team, and so much more. I also have data sent here from Acuity when people book a call.
  • Google – Basicaly, everything in Google saves my life. I can create a calendar that has my business AND family in there and everyone knows what is going on when. This is a great tool to help apply the things I talked about above. I also use Google Docs when I’m out with my kids and a thought occurs to me, even if I only have my phone. Learn more about how I use Google and Trello to capture ideas when you are in busy in your mom-life more in depth here.
  • Zapier – This is also a newer tool, but life changing! It can automate between two different tools. I use it to automate between my WooCommerce and Mailerlite, Acuity and my e-mail list, and Trello as well! It is saving me a lot of time!
  • Tailwind – I cannot give you a list of my favorite tools without mentioning Tailwind. They now use both Pinterest and Instagram and I have yet to find a scheduling app that does this. You can auto schedule for a week/month at a time very seamlessly, and choose to share into you Tailwind Tribes or group boards. Instagram has a very easy way to add you hashtags and now autoposts for you as well, making it an even more amazing tool!

I hope this helped you to pick a few things you can add to your life to help you get more productive in your business while also killing it at your mom-life. This road isn’t an easy one, but I believe in you and am rooting for you! You’ve got this, mama.

I am so excited about this information from Bre. I cannot wait to start time blocking myself and start getting more done! Thank you so much for sharing with us, Bre!

-Trying Not to Go Crazy,

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How to Get Work Done with Children

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