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B, my husband, and I weren’t planning on getting pregnant. In fact, we had wanted to get pregnant a year earlier, but decided that the timing just wasn’t best. We made “jokes” about what would happen if we did, such as how he would have to quit school and find a full time job or how it would make things easier when it come to planning our wedding because then we could just elope.

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Finding out that I was Pregnant

Two years ago, we had a pregnancy “scare” while I was a junior in college. He was still in the military and I only got to see him on the weekends. All of this and we were engaged, planning the wedding for the week after I graduated from college. The wedding planning was very stressful, and meant that my mom was trying to control everything, so we kept thinking “why not just elope?” Well that was only going to happen if I was pregnant.

Where it all Started!

Of course it turned out that I wasn’t and we moved on with our lives. He got out of the military and started school while I graduated and starting a “big girl” job.

Three months after our wedding, my period was late. This had happened before, and happened about every time I got stressed, so we didn’t think much of it until day six of Mother Nature not showing up. I wasn’t getting my pre-period symptoms. There was no large acne on my forehead or cramping feelings. And yet, I still pushed everything off to the side minus my couple of jokes to B about what we would do and asking how he would feel about it.

Day Six – The First Test

On day six, I took a pregnancy test. B didn’t know at the time that I had done it, but I didn’t want to freak him out if I didn’t need to. We were about to go shopping for some house supplies when I did it, so it was kind of a rushed job. The test was a dollar store one with the lines rather than the digital or even a positive sign. When I looked at it, there was a faint line, but I definitely thought that I was just hoping to see one. They say that if you want to be pregnant, you can see the lines and even convince your body to start having pregnancy symptoms. I later told B that I took the test and he just laughing thinking that it just wasn’t possible.


That afternoon, we went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and the entire place smelled like throw up. Actually, I would more describe it like a really fat man’s farts. B said that it smelled like cinnamon candles and I begged to differ. We kept walking around the store and I kept smelling this horrible fragrance. Eventually, B walked us over to the candles and made me smell each one. Most of them smelled great, but the cinnamon one did not. That’s when B made the joke, “Are you sure you aren’t pregnant?”

Day Nine – Another Test

We made the decision that if I did not start my period by Tuesday, day nine, then I would take another test. When Tuesday morning came, I peed on a digital stick because I was not going to mess with trying to see the lines correctly. At least this way, the test would say pregnant or not pregnant and there wouldn’t be any confusion. As I waited for the test to read me my fate, I got ready for work and B got ready for class. After brushing my teeth, I looked down and ready the word PREGNANT. All I could think, and say, was “OH S***.” When I showed B, he hugged me and smiled. I was still in shock but he seemed so happy.

To this day, I can still remember the excited, happy, loving look on his face. I will never forget that.

-Trying not to go crazy,

Finding Out I was Pregnant


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