Back to School

While I was pregnant, I wanted to go back to school. I was all about getting my masters and how it would benefit me in the long run. Now that I have Kayleigh, I rather spend my weekends and free time writing blogs or finding more ways to make money.

It’s crazy how life changes so much when you have a kid. Like all the things that you think would be great for you don’t even matter anymore because it wouldn’t be better for your children, at least not yet. Kayleigh would benefit from me much more from me being home and readily available for her. It would be better if I had enough money to take her places that I’ve always wanted to go or buy the toys she wants (and earns).

I want to make enough money that, if I did decide to go back to school, then I can stay at home with her while I do it.

-Trying not to go crazy,


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