Baby Dam Bathtub Review

When my daughter got too big for her baby bath tub, it was time to think about putting her in an actual tub. That being said, I also didn’t think she needed the entire bath tub to be filled with water. Not to mention, think about the amount of water that would be wasted since she only needed part of the tub. That’s when I found the baby dam.

The Best Baby Product I've Purchased!

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What is a Baby Dam?

The baby dam is exactly what it sounds like. It blocks off half of the bath tub so that you only fill up enough for your baby. My daughter loves playing in her bath and I love that I’m not filling an entire tub for the small amount I need.

We’re Saving Money too!

Our water bill has gone down too! When we first moved into our new house, we put Kayleigh in the bathtub and ended up having a water bill that was over $100! Now that we’re only filling up half the tub, it’s averaging only $80. I wouldn’t say I’m frugal, but I do love saving money when I can!

How it Works

The Baby Dam is super easy to use. You just put it into a dry bath tub. The tub needs to have round edges instead of cornered. I also have to push the corners down to make sure they really stick. It’s super simple and the suction cups come right up when you need. Which is great since my husband uses the same tub as my daughter.

A Sense Of Security

Because the baby dam allows me to block off some of the tub, I know that my daughter is much more safe. There isn’t a large amount of space for her to slip, and she can lean up against the dam to steady herself. It’s fantastic for babies who just learned to sit up and might need a little bit more support. I also can keep the water warmer so I know my daughter isn’t cold during her bath time!

The Proof is in the Pictures!

I added some pictures below of how the Baby Dam works. These pictures prove the convenience of this product. It blocks off the tub and even keeps your child toys close by too!

As you can see, I love this product. It’s been super helpful in our family and my daughter loves it. If you have a younger child and are trying to figure out how to give them a bath, this product is worth the money.

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