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Tikia Foat

Meet Tikia. She’s a Mother of 4 kids! 1 set of Twins aged 4, a 9 year old, and her eldest gained her wings at the age of 13. She is a Virtual Assisant who provides professional business services to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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Tikia’s Story

A Mother's Story - Tikia Foat

I found out that not only was I pregnant at 6 weeks, but also that I was carrying twins. Talk about a shock of my life. It took 2 months into the pregnancy to get over the initial shock. While everyone else was excited and ready to go buy everything, I was home mopping around like, “What on earth will I do with Twins.”

As time went by, my excitement finally grew. When I found out that they were identical twin boys, the fear came.

High Risk for Many Reasons

I was considered high risk, not only because I had high blood pressure, but the boys were only separated by a tine membrane. This meant that if one kicked too hard, he could rupture it causing them to share a single sac. Because of this, I was forced to do prenatal visits once a week for 5 months to make sure they were separate.

The Last Two Months

My last two months were pure hell. They were full of sharp kicks, lack of energy, all day sickness, you name it and I was going through it. I was over the weekly prenatal visits and I just wanted them out. The doctor denied every request I had to be induced. I was even willing to go jogging if it meant I could get them out.

The daily Braxton Hicks were driving me insane and I kept getting sent home from the joys of false labor pains.

At the final visit to the ER for contractions, which were 2 minutes apart for about 30 seconds, they told her to go home until her water breaks. What happened next scared the hell out of me.  When they checked my BP, blood pressure, it read 225/175, so they rushed me to a room. This meant the fun began for everyone else while the fear began for me.

The Birth

I was induced and given medications to bring my BP down. Baby A didn’t approve of this tactic so his heart rate kept dropping. I was panicking and crying every time the nurse came and said ” A little better, but still not what we want to see.”

The doctor had enough and so had I. The pressure to push was there and I was ready to start any second. Just as the doctor had come to check me, Baby A was crowing. They rushed me to the operating room in case they needed to do a Cesarean.

Soon after, Baby A was born into this world a 5lbs 6oz. He was quickly whisked away to the nursery while we waiting for Baby B. I guess this was a chance for him to spread out because the doctor’r entire arm was in there after him. His exact words were, “All I can get is a leg, he spread out and is not trying to come out any time soon, hun.” He tried for 30 minutes without any success. They had to do a C-Section, but after was seemed like forever, Baby B was born at 4lbs 8oz and also whisked off to the nursery.

Both babies were born healthy and we met the next day after recovering from the cesarean.

To this day, they have the most energy I have ever seen a child have.

Tikia Foat - Twins

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Tikia.

-Trying Not to Go Crazy,

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