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Adoption. An option that not many people think about when it comes to children. My mom, Marilyn, adopted both of her children. Here is her story of when she adopted me.

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A Mother's Story- Marilyn's Adoption Story

WAY before I was even an option, my parents had started up the adoption process in Kansas. Unfortunately, my dad’s job forced them to move before they had gotten placed with a child. Once they were in Florida, they started up the process again and almost ended up having the same outcome.

The day before they received THE phone call, they had found out that another move was in the future. This time they would be moving to Dayton, OH. My mom had to call the adoption agency and explain that they would be moving AGAIN. She asked the person if they had a recommendation for adoption agencies in Ohio. This is when they found out that adoption was difficult in Ohio. Soon after, the agency called saying they had an eight-month-old girl.

My mom was thrilled and scared. She was filled with emotion. They weren’t even close to the top of the list so she wasn’t expecting this to happen so soon. Immediately, the questions started swirling in her head. How were they going to do this adoption in a different state? Where would they live (since you had to have a residence in Florida)? How were they going to get around and set up all the little details?

My mother had to stay in Florida and quickly get EVERYTHING for a baby. Once she finally got me, I cried the entire night. My mom was told not to sleep with me or put me in her bed, but when she finally did, I fell asleep immediately. Me crying was no surprise to my mom. She knew it would be a difficult process, especially for a child who had spent eight months with her biological mother. There would be separation anxiety and just plain sadness.

Every adoption is different. For example, my brother was adopted as a newborn. But children who are adopted are still loved. They are so loved by these people who will grow with them and show them how to survive in this world. They may not have been born to the parents, but they are still their children. They are loved deeply and unconditionally.

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