A Mother’s Story – Kia Chisholm

Meet Kia. She’s from Birmingham, England and is a mother of two boys! She has Multiple Sclerosis, but that doesn’t stop her from traveling and spending her days writing about her boys.

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We had been trying for so long to get pregnant that, when it happened, it was mind-blowing. When I went for my scan they discovered that there were 2 different sacs and 2 babies. To say that I was shocked as an understatement.

I had gone to the scan alone because hubby was at work. I met him after work with 2 balloons and he, too, was in disbelief.

A Mother's Story - Kia Chisholm

The Pregnancy

I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and I had heard that most women go into remission during pregnancy, so I was really looking forward to that.

I was told I would become huge during pregnancy so I immediately started to combat that. Also, I bought pregnancy workout videos to get me started.

I was exhausted, nauseous and hot the whole 1st trimester. However, despite the exhaustion, I did my daily exercise.

I had all these plans to have a water birth in a birthing center with essential oils, but because I was carrying twins, they said that I would have to give birth in a hospital. All because I was classed as high risk.

Every day I couldn’t help by being in awe of God. I mean I was growing 2 people inside me! The more I researched, the more incredible it was.

The Scans

At my 12 week scan, I still wasn’t showing, but everything was good with us. I didn’t actually start showing until 4.5 months.

At 19 weeks, I started to experience pain in my ribs. I tried to think back to if I had injured myself. My best friend told me that things in your body shift during pregnancy to make space for a baby, in my case 2. This pain led me to be inseparable with my hot water bottle.

At the 20 week scan, we found out that we were having boys and things looked great.

The Problem

When having twins you get scanned more regularly. My next one was at 22 weeks.

At the 22 week scan, they saw something strange with twin 2 (separate sacs). The consultant told us that he was getting restricted blood flow.

Because I was only 22 weeks, it would not have been possible to deliver them this early. She said that I would have regular scans and hope to endure til 28 weeks minimum before considering an early delivery.

There was no definite reason as to why this was happening. They said it could be chromosomal or that one of my placentas was failing.

I have to be honest, I only heard all the negatives. Luckily, my Mother-In-Law was with me because I had switched off and on crying nonstop. I felt guilty because my only job was to house my babies and keep them safe.

The End

We had been trying to decide between 3 names, and it became clear to us in that moment of the baby’s name. We had picked 3 Biblical names with strong meanings. One of the names we had talked about meant “God has healed” and that’s the name we chose for our boy because we believe that would be the case.

The name was Josiah.

I continued to be scanned every 2 weeks. Until 27 weeks, things were still the same. At 27 weeks, I was scanned every day and given steroids to develop their lungs in case of an early delivery. I also had heart traces every day too.

The whole ordeal was quite frankly annoying, but I had made it to 28 weeks!

The Decision

At 28+2, I had both a heart trace and a scan. at the end of it, my consultant told me that Josiah hadn’t grown in 2 weeks.

Then they gave me a decision to make. My other twin, which we named Israel (“God will prevail”) was growing beautifully and doing really well.

I could stay pregnant for Israel, but Josiah wouldn’t make it, or deliver them both the next day 12 weeks, premature and possibly lose both.

I was on my own at this appointment as my husband was at work. I couldn’t stop crying, but I had to call him and relay what I had just been told.

For us, there wasn’t a decision. How do you choose one child over the other? We decided to have them both the next day and put our faith in God. We trusted that He would come through.

My consultant brought the neonatology doctor in to talk to me through what would happen next. I had to record the conversation because I couldn’t listen properly over my tears and so my husband could hear it back when he arrived.

My husband immediately left work in a panic to get to me. When he arrived, I play him the recording and they took us to the neonatal unit to see where it was and how it worked being there.

The consultant asked if I wanted to stay in or go home and come in the next more. I chose to go home, I didn’t want to be alone and we had some last minute shopping to do.

The Arrival

I was really disappointed because I wanted and planned to have a natural birth. However, because of the circumstances, I had to have an emergency C-Section.

We thought that it would happen immediately, but I sat on a drip for hours first.

I was terrified of the spinal tap because I had a lumbar puncture before in the spine and it was agony.

This was the only way. I was about to meet my miracles.

We were warned beforehand that they most likely wouldn’t cry because of there size.

At 16:23, weighing 1100g, Israel was born and at 16:25, weighing 654g, Josiah arrived. They both let out a tiny cry and were immediately rushed off to the neonatal unit.

My Miracles

It was a tough time with many ups and downs.

We were blessed to stay in parent accommodation until home time.

The hospital because of our home and the amazing staff, our family.

Israel came home 1st after 7 weeks and 5 days, Josiah needed a little longer and came home at 9 weeks and 4 days.

Our boys are now happy and healthy! God really came through for us!

Thank you for sharing your miracle story with us Kia! I’m so glad your boys are healthy!

-Trying Not to Go Crazy,

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