7-Month Check Up

My baby is officially seven months old. It doesn’t feel like it was seven months ago that I was sitting in the hospital room watching everyone stare at me in excitement. I feel like it was just yesterday that my dad was calling my brother to tell him I was in labor and he had no clue what that really meant or why it was taking so long for his niece to get here.

Now, my baby girl has two teeth, still refuses to sleep through the night, and eats about the same as a 4-month old would when it comes to bottles. She loves food though. She’ll reach for everything you are eating and when you tell her no, it pisses her off. I’m not sure why she isn’t sleeping through the night. She was getting good and only waking up once a night and then this past weekend it was like she decided that she didn’t need sleep anymore. I don’t know if many I keep her up too much during the day or if I let her sleep to much. Either way, we could have a tea party with how awake she is at 2am.

This past weekend I found my dream job online! It’s a work from home bookkeeper position with full benefits. Exactly what I need. The idea of getting to work right upstairs while my mom takes care of Kayleigh. Getting to say goodnight to her before she goes down for her naps. Or even getting to have lunch with her for a short while. No more driving 45 minutes to and from work, missing out on time with her on weekdays. No more feeling like I’m missing everything because I can’t just relax from work and do some of it at night when she’s asleep. If you are people that pray, please pray that I get this job. It’s all I could ask for in this time of need.

-Trying not to go crazy,


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