30 Years is Life

I started to write a post about giving birth. The rest of the story I posted here. I couldn’t finish.

Today is an important day to me. It’s my birth mother’s birthday. Well, it wouldn’t have been. She would have been 42. I’ve decided to take this time to talk about drunk driving.

On February 28th, 2017 my mother went to go pick up her friend from a party. The friend was drunk. She brought some friends to drive the friend’s car back and she drove the friend back. She had a beer, maybe two, but she was not drunk. She was the good friend. On the way home, with the other people following behind, she got hit head on by a drunk driver. Terry Dinkins, age 64, was three times over the legal alcohol limit. He had been over served by a bar near by and allowed to drive home. He hit my mother head on and killed her at the scene. The other women in the car died on her way to the hospital.

It took two months for him to be arrested. He was out on bail hours later. It took two years for him to go to court, thanks to many continuances, and he was put away for 30 years. At first, my brother’s and I were upset. We actually wanted him to have the death sentence. The best part is, 30 years is his life.

This is his death sentence.

-Trying not to go Crazy,



In loving memory of Brandi Eileen Cole. Loving Mother of Four.

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-Trying not to go crazy,




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