2017 Money Makers

I’ve had a couple of personal friends ask me about all the different ways I’ve been trying to make money. I decided that I would do some reviews for each of the different things I’ve tried in 2017.

2017 Money Makers

1. Swagbucks

This one has been one of my favorites. Through this website (or app) you can watch videos, answer surveys, and do different challenges each month to make Swagbucks (SB). Once you get to a certain number of SB, you can redeem them for gift cards. My personal favorite gift card has been $25 to PayPal. Just this month alone, I’ve made $150 through SB. If you are interested in joining Swagbucks, CLICK HERE!

2. Qmee

Through this app, you can answer surveys for cash and redeem the cash whenever you want to. I, personally, redeem it at the end of each month. For the last three months altogether, I’ve made around $20, but this is just because I haven’t put a ton of effort into it. If you spent more time, you definitely could make some good cash with this app. If you’re interested in joining Qmee, CLICK HERE!

3. One Pulse

This app is the one I’ve made the least amount of money on but is much simpler. I’ve only made $10 on this one for the last three months. However, the surveys you take are only about 3 to 5 questions. Not all of the surveys will reward you with cash. Most of them will reward you with points to raise your level of cash you will earn when the appropriate survey comes up. It’s a very slow process, but the surveys are much more interesting. There’s no referral link for this, so you’ll just have to download it yourself!

4. Lucky Day

The next couple of apps I haven’t made any money off yet, but they have been somewhat useful. This one is all about scratchers like the ones you get from the gas station to gamble away your money. You still have the chance of possibly making money off of the scratcher, but I have yet to win more than 25 cents and you have to get $10 to cash out to PayPal. There is also the opportunity to win points, which you win at least 1,000 from each scratcher. The downside is that you need a very large amount of points to get anything. For example, you need 23,000,000 to get a $25 Starbucks gift card. Mostly, this app just helps me with my want to possibly win money. If you’re interested in joining this app, CLICK HERE!

5. IPoll

For this app, all you have to do is answer small qualification surveys which then send you to a larger survey. Once you are done with the qualification survey, it will tell you how long the survey is and how much money you’ll get. Usually, it will be a 15-minute survey for 40 cents. I’ve gotten $5.90 in my account, but I can’t redeem any of it until I have earned $25. There isn’t a referral link for this app either so you’ll have to download it yourself.

6. Zap Surveys

This app is a bunch of survey websites put together. There are about five different sites that send the app surveys for you to take, including Peanut Labs which is a super popular survey website. The surveys can be anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes and can get you a variety of cents from each one. When you click on a survey, they’ll ask you qualification questions and you may not qualify. Luckily, if you do qualify but they have enough of your demographic, you can get a change just for trying! I have gotten $7.99 from this app, but I cannot cash out to PayPal until I’ve reached $25. When you download this app, you can put in my referral ID: 8JPNYLTZ5V..

7. Surveys on The Go

This is a very slow rewarding app. They have surveys that you qualify for maybe once a month and their surveys are usually ones that want you to log into your Facebook account. Most of the time, I am disqualified because they already have my demographic which gets me 10 cents. I’ve earned $8.55, but I can’t redeem anything until $10. There isn’t a referral link for this app, so it’s up to you to download it!

8. Achievement

Although the likelihood of earning money from this app is very undetermined for me, this has been the one to get me back to working out and eating right. The app links to your Fitbit or other health app and earns you points for doing things. For example, you get 6 points for logging your food and another 6 for logging your water intake. you need 10,000 points to cash out for $10, so it’s a very slow process, but I’m finding it more rewarding because I’m losing weight! There isn’t a referral link for this app, so you should just download it!

9. Toluna

Lastly, this is my least favorite app. This app gives you points for answering surveys. I’ve pretty much had to re-log into the app every time I open it which just makes me less likely to do it. I’ve earned 17,395 points total, but I need 90,000 to get a $30 PayPal gift card and that’s the lowest you can redeem for PayPal. For this app, it’s up to you if you want to download it!

Hopefully, you too can make money with these apps and get that much closer to your financial goals!

-Trying Not to Go Crazy,

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  1. What about the NCSU food science? I participate in a survey about every 6 weeks, make a $25 gift card for about 15 minutes of tasting food and answering questions.

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