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The Happiest place on Earth

As I had mentioned before (which you can read about here), I went to Disney World when I was 11 weeks pregnant! This is something I would NEVER recommend.

B and I got married in May on 2016 and I, unfortunately, had to go back to work immediately after. This meant that we didn’t get to go on our honeymoon until October. Well… I got pregnant in August. Rest assured, this wasn’t going to stop us from going on our dream vacation.

So, on a Wednesday morning, B and I drove the 9 hour ride down to Orlando, Florida. We stopped way more times than we used to, so I could go pee, and B spent more time teasing me because we kept passing Subways. If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know that you can’t eat sandwiches with cold meat on them because of listeria, and that’s the only way I like my sandwiches. We got there around 8pm and were still kind of energetic from the car ride so we decided to check the place out.

We were staying at the Caribbean Resort. This was my way of getting to have my beach honeymoon and be at the happiest place on Earth. When we got into our room, there was a hole in the ceiling. We could only assume this was because of the left over damage from Hurricane Matthew which had already had to deal with when driving down there. When we told the guest management people, they happily moved us to another room and we continued our night like any other. We had a snack, went back to our room, and I immediately fell asleep like any exhausted, pregnant women would do.

Our first day was at Animal Kingdom. I was thankful that the Dinosaur ride wasn’t open as I wouldn’t have been able to ride it anyway. You’d be surprised how many rides said “Do not ride if pregnant.” We did get to do many other things like the 3D Bugs Life ride, eat Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream, and even meet Tarzan! B rode some of the rides that I couldn’t, if the line wasn’t long, and I would just eat whatever snack was near that ride. I was soooo disappointed to not get to ride the rides, but I knew it was for the health of my unborn child. We ended up leaving the part around 2pm, since we had rode every ride I was able too, and spent the night at the resort just hanging out at the tiki bar (with a virgin drink for me).

The next day was spent at Hollywood Studios. We got there early enough for B to ride all the roller coasters without any lines (besides the Rock N’ Rollercoaster) and then we got to do all the rides I wanted too. B even got involved in the Indiana Jones ride, which made for a lot of embarrassment for him. We also got buttons on this day that said “I’m Celebrating Baby on Board!” These were my favorite souvenir as they were the first thing from Disney World that showed off my baby (especially since I didn’t have a bump yet). We ended our day at that park pretty early as well and got to go have dinner at Disney Springs.

The third day we went to Magical Kingdom. This was a VERY long day which involved leaving halfway through the day in order to take a nap. B got to ride the roller coasters he wanted to and I got to eat so many different types of ice cream that I was tired of it. There were a lot of lines here, but this was the day we wore our matching shirts. B didn’t really want to, but he did it just for me! I’ve posted a picture of our shirts below. I was super excited about these shirts since mine even mentioned the baby in my belly! We ended this day having dinner with Piglet. The staff even got us a card “signed” by all the Disney stars for our baby.

The last day was my favorite. Not because of the park, which I ended up being the worst experience, but because we got to see my birth family. Being adopted, I barely ever get to see my birth family and this was a great occasion to celebrate with them! Getting back to the park, it’s not very much fun to go to Epcot during the food and wine festival when you have morning sickness (so you don’t want to eat) and can’t drink. There weren’t many rides I could get on and most of the food smells made the want to throw up. Luckily, I managed to get a blueberry muffin and some edamame down while B drank.

The most helpful thing during our amazing honeymoon was our bag. Brantley had gotten a Tactical Dad diaper bag when we found out that we were pregnant and it was a life saver. We took out the unecessary diaper stuff and were able to fill the bag with four water bottles, a spray bottle, sunscreen, and bug spray. Oh, and an entire box of white chedder cheese itz! I am telling you, this bag was a life saver!

In conclusion, Disney World is a great place to be if you aren’t pregnant and can ride all the rides. I cannot wait to take my kids and make new memories with them!

Trying not to go crazy,


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