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On the day we found out we were pregnant, which you can read about here, I was in complete shock. I mean I didn’t even believe I was pregnant.

How I told People I was Pregnant

Telling People at Work

I went into work and immediately told my boss. When I walked in, we had our normal morning conversation which usually goes something like “How are you?” and “Good, and you?” But this time, my answer was that I was excellent and that I have something to tell her. She immediately said, “Please don’t tell me your pregnant.” Not exactly what I was expecting, but I was so excited at that point that I couldn’t care less.

Telling B’s Parents

Next, we told B’s parents. Unfortunately, his parents live in Oklahoma so we weren’t able to tell them in person. We called in the middle of dinner since we had to wait until I got off of work. When they answered the phone, B asked “Are you ready to be grandparents again?” They laughed and then finally understood what we were talking about. It was timeless hearing the excitement in their voices. They even mentioned coming out when the baby was born, which they haven’t ever come out here before.

Telling my Parents

Lastly, we told my parents. We had found out I was pregnant on Tuesday, but we couldn’t tell my parents until Friday! When thinking of how we were going to tell my parents, it had to be a complete secret. Were we going to put a shirt on our dog, Korry? Were we just going to say it out loud without any gift? Eventually, B and I thought about how much my parents love wine and it came to us.

We bought my parents favorite white and red wine, put it in a box with lots of tissue paper on top of a onesie, a pregnancy test, and a note that read, “I can’t wait to meet you! See you next year! Love, Baby Scott.” As they were opening the gift, it took them forever to realize I was pregnant. But I can promise you it had been the best thing that could have happened to my family. I’ve included the video of them opening it the box for your entertainment!


Trying Not to Go Crazy,

How I told People about my Pregnancy
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