The Story of my Child’s Birth

If you have been following my blog, you know a lot about how I ended up pregnant and originally went into labor. You can read about why I was induced here. Now, I want to talk more about my birth and the experience I had being induced.

Story of Kayliegh's Birth

After being rolled into my hospital room, poked with an IV needle twice because the nurse couldn’t get my vain the first time, and having to go to the bathroom with the help of a nurse, I finally got to order some lunch. The nurse had warned me that I was going to need to be on magnesium because of my high blood pressure and I’d have to be on a “liquid only” diet. This meant that this was going to be my last meal for the time it takes me to give birth. I’d also have to be on this diet until I was allowed to get off of magnesium, which is up to twelve hours after giving birth.

The Beginning

I looked through the menu provided by the hospital. It wasn’t bad. There was pasta, sandwiches, soup, and even pie for dessert! Finally, I chose a grilled cheese sandwich and a chocolate milkshake. I figured if it’s my last meal, I’m gonna want a milkshake.

By the time the food came, my parents had gotten there so my room was pretty alive. The four of us were talking about dad’s work, making sure people know I’m in labor (those that needed too), and not telling those that didn’t need to know (I have some nosey family members). I was actually enjoying being in labor. Sure, the bulb I had up me to dilate me wasn’t the most comfortable and the contractions hurt, but it was great to be surrounded by my family at this exciting time in my life.

The Epidural

Since the doctor didn’t expect me to go into active labor until the next day, my parents went home around dinner time. This gave B and I some time to ourselves before we were parents. At 3am, I got my epidural. The contractions hadn’t gotten too bad, but the nurses had told me it would take a while to get set up. They also said I would want to do it before the contractions had made it so I couldn’t move any more without screaming or shaking. You definitely don’t want to be moving when they stick a large needle into your back. B was amazing at helping me stand still. He distracted me by talking about our honeymoon and it was over pretty quickly.

Active Labor and Birth

I got THREE HOURS of sleep before it seemed like my epidural wasn’t working. Unfortunately, I pushed up the amount I could get, but nothing seemed like it was working. When I called the nurse in, she said she would ask the anesthesiologist if we could increase my dose. Right as she was leaving the room, I vomited all over the floor (a reaction to the active labor). This was the start of the crazy. An hour later, I was pushing and 19 minutes later I had my baby girl. Unfortunately, I couldn’t even hold her for longer than 30 minutes before B had to take her because I was vomiting again. That meant that when my parents finally got there, B was holding her instead of me.

Either way, my baby girl was super healthy and amazing. I had my baby girl. I was a mother.

-Trying not to go crazy,

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Story of Kayliegh's Birth

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