5 Things No One Tells you About Postpartum

Postpartum is a lot harder than being pregnant. I guess that’s why they say you’re more likely to end up depressed during this time. Not to mention, postpartum isn’t a nine month span. This can last for years. There are women who don’t end up with postpartum depression until their children are 6 years old! This is actually my first thing no one told me.

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1. Postpartum is Hard than Being Pregnant

There are so many emotions that are formed when your hormones are changing so much. Pregnancy hormones are formed over a span on 9 to 10 months while postpartum hormones develop within seconds.

2. You may Actually WANT out of the Hospital

My boss had told me about how much she loved being in the hospital after her daughters were born. She said that it was the only time she had a babysitter that was there 24/7. I thought for sure that I would want the nurses help all the time and it would be fabulous. I thought I would get plenty of sleep and know exactly what I would want, but that’s not true. The nurses only helped if you asked which just made you feel like a horrible person for wanting help to sleep. When I asked about if there was a specific way I needed to shower for the first time, they said no and then walked away. Like I didn’t need help getting into the shower for the first time after laying in a hospital for three days straight. You were expected to be able to be a mom. Right there. Without help. I wanted out. I wanted freedom.

3. Your body Gets used to No Sleep, and Then it Doesn’t

When I was in the hospital, I was totally okay with only a couple of minutes of sleep at a time. I was perfectly fine just holding my daughter all night and not sleeping. Not sure if it was the excitement or how uncomfortable the bed was, but I didn’t need sleep. But the second I got home, it was all I wanted. I just wanted to sleep and Kayleigh didn’t. We didn’t know how to handle it all and so the first couple of nights were full of NO sleep.

4. You May not get to Sleep when the Baby Sleeps

Everyone told me that I would be tired and I should just sleep when the baby sleeps. They said to let someone else do the chores and I could just sleep. But my body wasn’t used to sleeping during the day. Sure, I got a nap every once in a while, but most of the time, my body said that it was day time and I should just stay awake watching my daughter sleep and thinking of the chores I should be doing. Of course, I still didn’t do them.

5. Your body Doesn’t Just Go back to Normal

Yes, plenty of people will tell you this, but there were a lot of people who said that I would just loose all of the pregnancy weight quickly because I was already skinny and breastfeeding would help. I did get down to my pregnancy weight pretty quickly, but I gained it all back when Kayleigh started eating more since it made me more hungry. It was such a quick process. Not to mention, the stretch marks all over my body remind me constantly of how big I was before. They aren’t just on your stomach either. They’re on your thighs, hips, breasts, and butt. Because you got bigger everywhere.

Postpartum is a beautiful process because you now have this amazing child, but you won’t ever be prepared to feel SO different. When you’re pregnant, you sit there thinking about how much you can’t wait to feel normal again, but you won’t ever be normal again. You’ve changed. You’re a parent now.

-Trying not to go crazy,


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