10 Things No One Told me About Pregnancy

Now that we’ve gone through my entire pregnancy, which you can start reading about here, I wanted to tell you about the things people never really talk about.

I’m going to warn you now: if you do not like to talk about vaginas, do not keep reading.

When you read blogs about being pregnant, some tell you about the good things (like feeling them kick inside you) or the bad things (like tearing during birth), but I’ve never read a blog that told me about how the good things can be the bad things too. There are many list of things that people swear no one told them, and maybe some things on my list someone has warned you about, but just in case: HERE’S MY LIST!

10 Things No One told Me about being Pregnant

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1. Finding Out Your Pregnant Is Confusing

I’ve heard about people being excited about being pregnant and I’ve heard the opposite, but I didn’t even know how to feel. I started off excited, then scared, and then I felt like I wanted to vomit. And no, it wasn’t from morning sickness. My stomach hurt. Do I tell people?

 Do I wait until I have more information? When do I tell my parents? There are so many questions that you start having, especially when you weren’t really expecting the pregnancy in the first place. Those questions lead me to my next thing.

2. It’s Okay to Tell People as Soon as You Want To

When I told my boss I was pregnant, she immediately told me not to tell anyone until I was past the twelve week mark. At first, I understood that this was in case I loose the baby. It would be hard to tell people and then have to tell them I’m not pregnant anymore.

But it would have been harder to be crying all day at work or taking time off and no one understanding why. I’m not good at secrets in the first place and this was one I knew I couldn’t hold in and then have to explain later should something bad actually happen.

3. You’ll Always Regret Things You do While Pregnant

By this, I don’t mean “Oh I had a drink and now I regret it.” Sometimes, you don’t know if what you are doing is right or wrong and once you do it, you regret it. Even if it is the right thing to do. For example, I constantly regretting not just eating what I wanted.

I knew I shouldn’t have too much sugar, so I wouldn’t get desert at dinner. But now that I’m no longer pregnant, I regret not doing it when the weight didn’t matter as much.

4. The First Time the Baby Kicks is Cute. After That, it’s Annoying.

The first time Kayleigh kicked was so much earlier than most people say. Babies usually kick during the second trimester, but Kayleigh kicked at 11 weeks. It was so cool feeling it for the first time, like butterflies near my vagina.

It was super cool when she kicked for the next month. After that, she just wouldn’t stop kicking. By the end of my pregnancy, she was head down, stabbing her legs and feet into every rib she could. And even outside of me, she still kicks and kicks.

5. There are such Things as Rude OBGYN Doctors

I went to a practice where there were many doctors. You met with each one so that when you went into labor, you knew the doctor on call. It was convenient and I actually liked every doctor. Except for one. The only male in the practice was a D***. The first time I met him, he came in, said something about the strep B test (which I knew was coming) and then just split my legs open and started his way up there.

There was no talking about what he was doing or even how the baby was. He was much more interested in stabbing me with a cotton swab in my vagina. He was so rude and I was so grateful that he was not the doctor on call when I came birth.

6. It’s Okay to Not Have Sex When Pregnant

This is the one that most men hate the most. Yes, I know you wnat to have sex, but HELLO there is a baby up there making things feel weird and awkward. Sex pregnant isn’t pretty in the first place. It’s like saying “let me lay myself down like a whale and you just poke the baby in the head a couple of time.”

It’s not cute. Doggie style, which is supposed to be the most comfortable for pregnant women, is just a reason for women to stare at their stretch marks whiel not being able to keep herself up. It’s just AWKWARD AND UNCOMFORTABLE.

7. Inducing Yourself is Not as Easy as People Make it Sound

When you read about people trying to induce themselves, it’s always about the success stories. But if your body is not ready, it’s not ready. I tried everything except castor oil That one my mom’s friend said not to do because it gives you diarrhea.

Sex gave me contractions, but I didn’t dilate and the contractions went away after about an hour. Actually that’s what all of them did. I had plenty of contractions before I was induced, but I was only dilated 1CM!

8. By the End of Pregnancy, You just Feel like Crap

I promise, you will be so sick and tired of being pregnant it’s not even fun anymore. You are tired of the unwanted advice from other mothers and the inability to see your feet. You are tired of only having a small amount of clothes because theirs no reason to buy too much maternity clothes.

You are tired of eating and then feeling sick and of having to sleep a certain way because your giant stomach is always in the way. You are just tired.

9. Being Induced isn’t so Bad

My entire time I was pregnant, I heard HORROR stories about being induced. My coworker was induced before the baby was ready and she ended up needing a C-Section. I was scared to death when they said I needed to be induced.

I cried for a good hour. Sure, the bulb they put inside be hurt, but the rest was pretty nice. I didn’t have to worry about whether it was time or not. I didn’t need to worry about being sent home because I wasn’t far enough along. Everything just happened without having to worry.

10. Not Every One Nests

When I asked people how I would know it was time for my daughters birth, everyone said that I would nest. This meant I would feel the need to fold all the baby clothes and clean the house. I never felt that way. I felt like I wanted to sit on the couch, eat ice cream, and watch teh TV shows I can’t watch with a baby around

I wanted to snuggle into my husbands T-shirts because that’s all I fit in and sleep in order to make up for everything I was about to miss.

Everyone’s pregnancy is different, but these are the things that no one ever told me. If you have some to add to this list, comment below! I’d love to hear from you!

-Trying Not to Go Crazy,

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10 Things No One told Me about being Pregnant


  1. I feel like I would totally be right there with you on #10. More couch potato, less cleaning the house!

  2. Hi Rachel!

    Your blog title is so fitting for motherhood! We’re all trying not to go crazy ha! Love it ?

    I also told everyone right away when we found out we were pregnant. It’s just so fun deciding how to tell people and, you’re right, you need a community even if things go bad in early pregnancy.

    During my second pregnancy, my son had a heart arrhythmia so the doctor made me count his kicks throughout the day. With all of the worrying what could go wrong, I actually welcomed the kicks because it meant that he was ok. So, I guess in some cases those little baby kicks are a good thing even though they can be annoying.

    I’m so glad I found you on Pinterest the other day! Now I’ll pin this post ?

    Brooke Bent

  3. I am currently pregnant with #3 and each pregnancy is different. As far as inducing myself, both my first 2 kids were late. Clearly, nothing I was trying worked. We’ll see how #3 goes…

  4. I am not a mom yet but I found this post helpful in preparing for when that time does come. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  5. I have been pregnant four times and I can honestly say that being induced was seriously the best thing ever! But, I do have very quick labors. I have no idea what it would be like to go into labor on my own. I tried everything people told me to and it did nothing.

    Thanks for joining #WanderingWednesday!

  6. Yes to #8! I was so exhausted by the end of my pregnancy that I just wanted to give birth. I swear taking care of 2 under 2 is so much less tiring than being 9 months pregnant!

  7. I love your very real and funny list of total truth!! It’s not the most fun to be pregnant but then all that changes when you hold your new baby. Our mind goes into this forgetful mode and we do it again a few years later.

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